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Each estate brings its own unique challenges to bear on estate trustees and beneficiaries.  When a loved one dies, dealing with the court probate process, taxes, financial institutions and beneficiaries can feel overwhelming.  We assist estate trustees by giving as little, or as much legal assistance as required to ensure the estate trustee manages his or her or their liability.

“Probate” is an often misunderstood word.  It is the word used to describe two separate processes:  

  1. The estate trustee may need to file a “probate” application with the court to obtain access to the estate assets.  In Ontario this is properly called an application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee ("COA").  

  2. Upon filing an application for a COA, an estate trustee will need to pay “probate”, which is properly called Estate Administration Tax in Ontario.

Working through the affairs of a loved one who has passed on can be difficult, especially if the deceased had a large or blended family, minor beneficiaries, an active business, properties in other jurisdictions, neglected to write a will, or a number of other complicating factors.

Angela understands the overwhelm executors may feel when simultaneously dealing with grief and the multitude of administrative and relational tasks of settling an estate.  She offers estate trustees sound legal advice and on-going guidance with all aspects of the estate administration; from getting the required Certificate of Appointment, to assisting with the ultimate estate distribution, and all tasks in between, providing the tools needed to minimize an executor's personal liability.  

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Are you an Estate Trustee or Beneficiary Requiring Legal Advice?

Angela and the Fallow Estates Law team have been dealing with Estate Administration and Probate for over 15 years. They will take you through this process carefully, efficiently and safely. You might even get to celebrate a little at the end.

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Are You Ready?

What Our Clients Say

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“It was great working with (Angela and team) on our mother's estate administration. Everything was handled very professionally with genuine attention to our personal needs. They made us feel very comfortable and even had fun. Thanks for the patience guiding us through this difficult time.”

-- Nicholas & Tamara Baggs

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“Angela provided prompt, informed and efficient legal work for me in a very courteous way.  I knew her as a law student at Queen’s and I am confident that she will do her utmost to provide the best quality legal advice and service possible.”

-- Jane Emrich

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"My brother and I were thrown into the unexpected situation of becoming the executor for both our grandmother’s and father’s estates at the same time.  It was a difficult time, but we were relieved to have Angela’s assistance with the estate administration. Thanks to the great advice we received, we worked through all the tax and court filings and resolved both estates, and have now been able to put this stressful time behind us.   We highly recommend Angela Fallow and Fallow Estates Law."

-- Tyler & Michael

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