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Good estate planning is an expression of love and consideration for those closest to you.  It is about organizing your affairs, transferring your assets in the most effective manner, and putting the best people in charge of managing your plan when you die or become incapable.  This process can be simple or more complex depending on what you own, your family dynamics, and how you want your legacy carried out. 

Angela Fallow and team are equipped to help clients navigate their estate planning whether they have a simple, complex or high net worth estate (including multi-jurisdictional properties and businesses), as well as to provide tools to plan for personal health care eventualities.  What may seem overwhelming to a client in the beginning often evolves into an elegant solution leaving the client confident that their wishes will be carried out in the manner they intend.


When clients are young parents in the estate-building phase of life, it is critical to protect young children by establishing trusts, naming guardians, and setting out who will step in to protect children and assets in the event of incapacity or premature death.

Estate Planning Can Include...

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The complexity of a will is dictated by the nature of one's asset and family situation. We customize your estate plan to suit your situation. You may need single or multiple wills, or wills in other jurisdictions, depending on where your assets are located, to reduce probate and stress. We give you the information you need to allow you to become a contributor in determining the best strategy for your estate.


Trusts can play a powerful role in an estate plan. For example, clients with a larger estate may opt to benefit from the privacy and probate tax reduction of an Alter Ego trust or Joint Partner trust. Others may require a discretionary Henson trust for a disabled family member. Many simply need asset protection for young or vulnerable beneficiaries.

Choosing Attorneys/Executors

Do you select your children, a friend or a professional? Choosing the most appropriate decision makers is critical to ensure your well-being in the event of incapacity, and to ensure a smooth estate administration upon death. Not taking the time to choose appropriate substitute decision makers will make life more challenging for your loved ones during a crisis, especially if there is no one appointed.

Advance Medical Directives

Taking the time to share your health care wishes with your appointed decision makers so that they are confidently equipped to make difficult decisions on your behalf is an essential component of a complete estate plan. We provide you with tools to assist in crafting and communicating your wishes to reduce the fear and confusion that can otherwise accompany illness and end-of-life.

Let Angela and team help you.

Angela and the Fallow Estates Law team have created an estate planning process that will make you wonder why you waited.  You will be led through the process carefully, warmly, and with efficiency. You might even enjoy it!

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Are You Ready?

What Our Clients Say

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"Again our thanks for the marvellous job (Angela) did in getting the whole Estate/Will thing completed for us - a great relief!  And (she) made it all seem easy and fun."

-- Valerie & Evan Crandall

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“Angela totally lets you “adult”. She put together the wills for my wife and I and helped us update them when our family grew. Super attentive, very responsive. Most importantly,  she completely removed the scary, intimidating process of dealing with a lawyer. She patiently answered all our questions and was very approachable. Won’t hesitate to go back, highly recommended.”

-- S. Douglas

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"My wife and I were thrilled with the service Angela provided. Very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough: she made the Estate process so simple, we were left wondering why we waited so long to get everything set up. This is important stuff, folks! It is truly some of the most important time and money one can spend. I wholeheartedly recommend her firm."

-- Jeremy Taft

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