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Association with the Law Office of David P. Gould 

Angela Fallow of Fallow Estates Law (collectively referred to as "Fallow") collaborates on certain estate litigation and other matters with David P. Gould and the Law Office of David P. Gould (collectively referred to as "DPG"), combining our respective skillsets to deliver quality estate-related litigation services to our joint-clients.  Regardless of this collaborative association with DPG, Fallow continues to practice law as a sole practitioner, and not in a partnership with DPG.  Fallow maintains her own office, trust accounts, clients and conflict-check systems, completely separate from DPG. Fallow does not share client information with DPG, except on those select matters on which DPG and Fallow collaborate, and then only with the express written agreement of the client. DPG is not responsible for Fallow's work, and likewise, Fallow is not responsible for DPG's work.

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