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Estate Planning Law

Are You in Need of an Estate Planning Lawyer who understands the Tax Consequences of Death?

If you are alive, you need a will.  We all know the two certainties in life (death and taxes, silly!).


Especially if you have certain types of assets, such as registered retirement funds, capital property, real property in another jurisdiction, or business interests, chances are that your estate will owe a significant amount of tax upon your death. To many, this can come as a surprise, and often people are not prepared for a large tax payment. Using an estate tax planning lawyer can help set up your estate for financial success, and ensure that your loved ones receive a greater share and the government a lesser share of your estate.

Whether you are in need of a will and power lawyer, or some additional estate tax planning you can be sure that we at Fallow Estates Law will handle your particular situation with the care, skill and sympathy you would like while still getting you accurate and definitive answers when it comes to preparing complex wills or complicated tax law. 

Fallow Estates Law ensures executors have everything they need to get their job done, including probate, and sound legal advice, while helping executors complete the job in a way that minimizes their personal liability.


The team at Fallow Estates Law is here to help you every step of the way. If you are in need of an estate tax planning lawyer or a will and power of attorney lawyer, feel free to reach out to our office.

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