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Planning Your Estate: A Process Tutorial

The estate planning process begins with you, the client, selecting a time for our first meeting using our on-line calendar. If you prefer to schedule your first meeting with the help of an assistant, we can facilitate this by phone or email. Your first meeting can be in person, by phone or videoconference.

Prior to our first meeting you will receive an online questionnaire to complete. You are asked to create a password and input your family information (spouse/kids and any other relevant people) and asset information as well as how you own those assets (jointly with spouse/kids or solely).

We have selected this software because it is client-friendly, and the data security is the same as your on-line banking data security. This software allows me to show you exactly who will receive what on death and how the gift will be received (through your will or by right of survivorship or beneficiary designation). It shows income tax and probate taxes payable on death in a graphic and easy to understand way.

We are attentive to your needs and preferences and give you supportive expert advice.

This information also allows me to advise you better during our first meeting. I will be looking for joint property ownership, beneficiary designations, and ways to structure your assets and wills to reduce income tax and probate tax where possible.

We will review scenarios for leaving your assets. We will look at who would be best suited to act as your executor(s) and your attorneys for property and personal care if you ever loose mental capacity.

Then I prepare your draft documents and email them to you, or you may pick them up. We work through any changes. Seeing your plan on paper sometimes leads to revisions. We may have a phone meeting to review any questions you may have. Once the documents are exactly how you would like them, we meet to sign in person, using Covid safety protocols.

It is my great pleasure to watch the planning process unfold in a way that gives you peace of mind.

The entire process generally takes 3-6 weeks from first meeting to your signing meeting.

We look forward to working with you!

Fallow Estates Law

Angela Fallow

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