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Angela's experience serving clients in South Eastern Ontario has taught her to combine creativity and skill when using the legal tools at her disposal to make her client's lives easier, to make the inter-generational transfer of wealth more seamless and to give clients peace of mind and control. 


A key element of a successful estate plan requires the sharing of what may seem to be intimate aspects of the client's family and asset situation.  Any real solutions for clients that allow for the harmonious transition of wealth from one generation to the next require rapport and trust between the client and lawyer.  It Angela's mission to ensure our clients feel comfortable, heard and understood. 


Angela understands the overwhelm executors face when simultaneously dealing with grief and the multitude of administrative and relational tasks of settling an estate.  She ensures executors have everything they need to get their job done, including probate, and sound legal advice, while helping executors complete the job in a way that minimizes their personal liability.


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Whether you need a will substitute for tax planning reasons or an inheritance trust for a disabled family member, we can help.



When it comes to wills, they can be

simple or complex, single or multiple, cover multiple jurisdictions or just one, and we can help you decide the right fit for you.  Because each person's situation is different.  We customize your will planning to suit your asset and family situation.


Estate Administration

When a loved one dies, the estate administration process can feel overwhelming for executors and beneficiaries.  We step in to assist executors in the probate process, giving as little, or as much guidance as you choose.


Incapacity Planning

& POAs

We all want control of the most important matters.  Whether it is control of our health care decisions or our finances and property, we help you use the legal tools available to assist you craft your own solutions for your future security.

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Marcus Tullius Cicero 43 BC

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